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Puerto Rico Family Law

We Collaborate with a Puerto Rican Attorney

More than 3 million Puerto Ricans reside outside of their home island. Even while living outside of the Puerto Rican borders, you may find yourself involved in serious Family Law litigation matters. Understanding legal processes can be hard enough, but when you are not fully aware of your rights under the law, and live far away from the island, the results can be devastating.

That is why Pichardo-Riestra Law has joined efforts with a Puerto Rican Attorney living in Puerto Rico to help you navigate the complicated Puerto Rican court system, as well as to represent Puerto Ricans in Central Florida who may still have Family Law issues in the island. Maribel Rivera-Monzón, Esq. not only specializes in Family Law, but she is also a Former District Judge in Puerto Rico who has presided over thousands of cases on two different districts, as well as a Former Child Support Hearing Officer. Ms. Rivera-Monzón’s vast experience has made her one of the top tiers, highly respected Family Law Attorneys in the island.

In Pichardo-Riestra Law we try to minimize your travels to Puerto Rico by having Ms. Rivera-Monzón providing you with full-service representation directly from the island. We want you to feel as comfortable as you can be, and we want to make this legal process much easier for you to handle. By reducing your travels back to Puerto Rico, we are helping you decrease your travel expenses and other costs associated with defending or representing your Family Law case in the Puerto Rican courts.