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Father’s Rights

Fathers’ Rights Attorney & Divorce Lawyer

It’s often said that it’s a man’s world, but while this may be true in many cases, when it comes to family law, especially in divorce, custody, and child support cases, it’s the man who finds things traditionally stacked against them.

Even with changes in law, society and viewpoints of men and women’s roles and rights, there is still a marked bias against men when in family court. Mothers could be capable of using financial tricks and legal loop­holes to hide assets, work the system to their favor in alimony, visitation rights and child custody. Each of these interrelate and it pays to have Attorney Madeline on your team who understands the interplay of family laws, and strategically and aggressively moves each case along to a quick and fair resolution from the father’s rights perspective.

So, whether you need advice on legal separation, divorce, modifications of child support or child custody, Attorney Madeline is here to meet your needs. We are committed to father’s rights and overcoming the bias towards mothers in our legal system.