Our Team

The Pichardo-Riestra Law Team

Natalie Hernandez-Cruz
Legal Assistant

Mrs. Natalie Hernandez-Cruz is a current student of Paralegal Studies at the College of Central Florida. She is in her last year of her AA. Natalie joined Pichardo-Riestra Law in January 2020 and she is currently working as a legal assistant in the Pichardo Riestra Law Firm. She works directly with client files and office administration. Natalie is a fast learner, goal-oriented employee as she continues to shine and thrive within Pichardo-Riestra Law. Natalie’s goal is to become a Senior Paralegal within the firm.

Natalie is also a mother and a wife, and her true passion is being with her family of eight members. Her family is her motivation and the reason she is so determined to continue to strive and succeed.

Maribel Rivera-Monzón, Esq.
Attorney in Puerto Rico

Attorney Maribel Rivera-Monzón is a successful Family Law attorney in Puerto Rico. Rivera-Monzón, Esq. not only specializes in Family Law, but she is also a former District Judge in Puerto Rico, having presided over thousands of cases on two different districts, as well as a former Child Support Hearing Officer. Attorney Rivera-Monzón is also a former Professor having taught Communications in the Legal Aspects, Criminal Procedure, Special Criminal Penal Code, as well as Juvenile Justice.

Attorney Rivera-Monzón specializes in Puerto Rican divorces, child support, child custody, time sharing, alimony, domestic violence, injunctions, among others. Ms. Rivera-Monzón’s vast experience has made her one of the top tiers, highly respected Family Law Attorneys in the island of Puerto Rico.